Many households and companies have their CCTV systems for quite a while and do not think about upgrading it due to it still being in fully working order. However, as technology advances, so does the technology behind CCTV cameras and systems. Due to this, there are many reasons why you should upgrade your CCTV system and here’s why…

Saves you money and time

In the long run, upgrading your CCTV system will save you both time and money as it will stop emergency call outs and prevent any downtime. This is because older systems can sometimes be less reliable and therefore are more susceptible to fail. So why not prevent the hassle and unexpected costs and upgrade your CCTV system beforehand?

Better image quality

Recently, the image quality of CCTV cameras has improved and therefore, the resolution of your current cameras may not be as effective as it could be with an upgraded system. We would recommend all our customers to have high quality and resolution cameras as the clearer the evidence, the more useful it is.

More storage capacity

New systems compress CCTV recordings to ensure maximum storage whereas, older systems without video compression features do not. This means that you may be paying out additionally for storage cards which would not be needed if your system was upgraded.

More features

Older systems work solely as a CCTV system. On the other hand, new, more advanced systems can be integrated with other security systems such as access control and security lights, meaning that it provides you with a higher security system and better protection against burglars.

If you would like to upgrade your system to a more reliable and up-to-date system, get in contact with us at HW Fire and Security via our online contact form or on 07875584778.

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