There are several different types of exterior security lighting systems available. Your business’s location, the level of threat and your budget will determine which type of system will suit you best.

Motion Activated Exterior Security Lights

Security lighting can be installed in your home or business premises in Birmingham, Halesowen and surrounding areas by HW Fire and Security. Unlike other solutions, motion-activated security lighting only turns on when they detect movement. Due to this, there would be an increase in your electricity bill but should not break the bank, however, will keep your premises secure.

Car Park Security Lighting
Security Lighting

Security Lighting Offers The Best Possible Defence Against Intruders

Give your property the best possible defence against intruders, thieves and vandals with the help of security lights from Direct Trade Supplies.

Easy to install and boasting a longer shelf life, security lighting give you the best protection at a price you can afford! You want to be sure that only the people on your property are those that are permitted to be there, and security floodlights can help with this.

Motion-activated models respond to body heat and will turn on automatically in the event of any movement, while you can set timers on others to ensure constant operation throughout the night so that your CCTV cameras always catch clear images, even during nightfall.

Dusk until dawn security lights are great for preserving power, as they automatically turn on and off in accordance with the natural light conditions to ensure no power is wasted. User-friendly technology and smart design make security lighting a smart and economical choice for companies looking to lower energy costs but bolster their security.

Security lighting features:

  • Security lights by brands such as Honeywell, Saxby, Timeguard, Steinel and many others.
  • PIR motion sensor and time-activated models available.
  • Products available under manufacturer warranty.
  • Lights can be mounted to walls, roofing and lamp posts.

Benefits of Security Lighting

Security Lighting on Residential Property

Home and business owners often install outdoor security lights as a deterrent to potential crime. One of the main benefits you gain from security lights, if anything, is peace of mind. Criminals are unlikely to target your property (home or business) if its well lit and illuminated as they’re more likely to be seen with bright security lights flowing through the area.

There is the option to have your security lighting turned on constantly throughout the night or they can be installed with motion detectors, meaning they only turn on if someone or an animal is approaching your property.

Another benefit to having security lighting, particularly for homes, is the pleasing aesthetic it brings. The ambient, warm tones, or bright LED light fixtures can create an outstanding look for your home making it look inviting and beautiful.

In addition to this, one great benefit of installing security lighting  is the increase to property value whilst reducing insurance premiums at the same time. Insurers will recognise your measures to prevent theft, vandalism or burglary and could potentially offer discounts or reduce premiums for homeowners as having security lights, theoretically reduces risk. Going hand in hand with this, property value is increased as potential buyers will recognise features such as security lights as an added luxury for security purposes.

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