Sadly, burglaries happen but by installing a burglar alarm in your home or business in Halesowen, you’re reducing the chances of becoming a victim of crime. Our home and business alarm systems are not only reliable when called on, but act as a great deterrent too.

Intruder Alarm System Installation

We offer a range of high-quality wired or wireless systems, with all electrical work undertaken by our qualified engineers, with competitive prices guaranteed. Our accredited engineers will enhance your security and improve monitoring and response times. Our intruder alarm installation service is available for homes and business premises’ based in Halesowen and surrounding areas.

With 30 years in business, our experience gives you the confidence to hand over your intruder alarm responsibilities to us, with the assurance that your business burglar alarm installation or upgrade will give you complete control over your site, your operation, your staff, and your visitors. Whether you operate from single or multiple sites, you will have control of your business burglar alarm right in the palm of your hands, no matter where you are.

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Alarm System Monitoring

24/7 site coverage

Our intruder alarm systems can be monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by industrial approved Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) once they have been installed by one of our specialist team.

Should any confirmed activation occur on-site, professional operators will asses the situation and respond swiftly and appropriately having decided on the best and agreed course of action. This may vary from an audio warning to an intruder to calling a site key holder or in certain circumstances, the emergency services.

Here at HW Fire and Security we have a multiple intruder detection systems along with alarm system monitoring. The best one for you depends on what you need and are looking for in terms of protection. Contact us today for a free, non-obligatory quote from one of our expert team! Or read more to get a better idea.

Firstly, a break-in or any other event gets detected by type of detector such as motion detector, fire detector or window contact. Once one of these devices has identified the motion, it then reports to the control panel where it then decides what to do next. Depending on how your control panel is programmed, it decides the next steps whether that’s sounding the alarm or even notifying emergency services.

With a hardwired Intruder Alarm, the system uses wires that run throughout your home to relay information straight back to a central control panel and sometimes even a monitoring centre or security company is necessary. Any added extras that you choose to have such as monitoring cameras and sensors are also connected to these wires as added security measures.

Alternatively, wireless systems use networks to communicate throughout your home. The installation process is much quicker than a hardwired installation and offers more flexibility if you are moving to a different premises or moving home. Using sensors, wireless intruder alarms detects movement or the disruption to closed doors and windows and generates a loud alarm alert when unauthorised entry takes place. As they aren’t restricted by wires, wireless intruder alarms have the flexibility to be placed almost anywhere in your home. They can be easily re-installed which is perfect if you are moving home or redecorating. Additionally, wireless intruder alarms ensure your property is protected at all times as they are powered through batteries meaning things such as power cuts wouldn’t affect its functionality.

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