Emergency lighting is one of the most important systems to put in place to protect your employees and your business. Its primary purpose is to illuminate escape routes, but it is also used to light up signs and other safety equipment.

Automatic Emergency Lighting

All businesses should comply with Fire Safety Regulations.

In the event of a fire, safe and efficient evacuation is paramount. HW Fire and Security provides emergency lighting systems that are fully compliant, ensuring that the emergency exits and escape routes are fully illuminated in the event of a lighting failure.

Keeping your customers and staff safe is a high priority, so in an emergency, we make sure that you have an emergency lighting system that will not fail. Our technicians can install and maintain systems to the highest standards and ensure that they are always in perfect condition.

Emergency Lighting
Fitting of Fire Alarm

Emergency Light Servicing and Maintenance

All emergency lighting systems should be tested monthly, by isolating the supply to the lighting circuit to ensure that all lights are fully functioning. This is usually performed by the customer. Our skilled technicians ensure all systems are serviced to BS 5266 at least annually.

During a fire, it is important that you are able to evacuate a building quickly and safely, and a fully functioning emergency lighting system is vital in enabling this. Choose HW Fire and Security for emergency lighting servicing and maintenance that you can trust. Our services are available to business premises’ based in Halesowen and surrounding areas.

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