Our Fire and Security Services

CCTV Footage
Critical areas in which we excel are the specification of the correct system to ensure that the money spent is not wasted. It is easy to over specify a CCTV system and top level solutions are often very expensive.
Access Control Wall Pad
Fire systems can be maintained by any reputable fire alarm service provider, however we aim to retain our clients through the quality service we deliver, not by tying them to a bespoke and unserviceable product.
Intruder Alarm
HW Fire and Security can install intruder alarm systems for Commercial, Domestic, Industrial and Retail use.
Door Access Control System
Access control system by HW Fire and Security provide the ability to control access of people entering and leaving property.
Emergency Lighting
HW Fire and Security are specialists in emergency lighting and are able to provide nationwide delivery and installation.
Security Lighting on Residential Property
Thieves know that they are far less likely to be spotted or identified in the dark. As such, one of the most effective corporate security measures businesses can put in place is exterior security lighting.