HW Fire and Security are specialists in installing security lighting in domestic and commercial properties throughout Halesowen and surrounding areas.

Security lights are one the most cost-effective way to improve the security of your property and therefore deter burglars from breaking in. We can design and install systems to suit a wide range of budgets and requirements including systems which are operated by movement or manually turned on.

Types of security lighting

As mentioned, we can install a wide range of security lighting including:

  • Motion sensor lights.
  • Floodlights.
  • LED lights.

All the different types of security lights can be installed in conjunction with other security measures including CCTV. This offers you a more effective security system and further protection against thieves for your home or business.

Benefits of installing security lighting

There are many advantages to installing security lights on your business premise or property in Halesowen. These include:

  • Provides you as a property or business owner peace of mind whilst you are not at the property.
  • Deters thieves/ burglars.
  • Allows those around the property/ building to see what’s going on if needed.
  • Sometimes can contribute towards lower insurance premiums.
  • Offers a feeling of security to those in the property or building during night time.
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