Intercom systems are usually installed next to a gate or door and are used to restrict access to particular parts of the building and monitor individuals accessing the site. HW Fire and Security provide intercom access control installation throughout Halesowen and surrounding areas. Our service is available to both residential and commercial properties.

Types of intercom access control

Many houses, educational establishments, offices and business premises have access control systems installed. We offer a variety of options for gaining access to a building. These include:

  • Keypad code entry.
  • Proximity tag/ fob.
  • ID card.
  • Audio intercom systems.

All of the above can be integrated with video intercom, fire alarm emergency door release and gates/ barriers to suit your requirements.

Our installation process

Dependant upon your requirements, the process of installation for your access control system will vary. However, our installation process will follow similar steps to those below:

  • Discuss your requirements and budget. From this information, suggest what system would be appropriate.
  • If you decide to carry out with the work, we will discuss a date for the installation to take place.
  • Install your intercom access control system.

Benefits of installing door access systems

There are many benefits to installing a door access system to your home or business in Halesowen including:

  • Increases the security measures to your property or premise.
  • Restricts access to areas that should not be easily accessed.
  • Adds protection to valuables.
  • Creates a harder entry for thieves.
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Door Access Control System