Importance of Fire Alarm Fitting

Fire Exit Door

If your business employs more than five people, it is a legal requirement to have a fire alarm installed. Not only this but with poor fire alarm maintenance, your property and people will be placed at a greater risk.

Why you need a fire alarm fitting

As a business, to comply with the law, you must have a fire alarm system in place. It’s a health and safety requirement that must be maintained to meet the requirements of industry specific requirements. Having a fire alarm fitting will massively increase the safety and security of both your building and the people inside. Equipped with fire alarm fitting, its important to meet other safety standards by appointing a responsible person who can carry out a rigorous risk assessment of the premises. This includes identifying hazards, those at risk, evaluating extent of risks, creating and action plan and regularly maintaining the assessment accordingly.

Having fire alarm fittings at your premises will also bring peace of mind to those inside your building as they know that risk is reduced with a fire alarm system and action plan in place.

Fire Detection Alarm Systems

Types of fire alarms

There are three main types of fire alarm systems. The first one is a conventional fire alarm. This type of fire alarm divides the building up into zones so that in the event of a fire, the alarm can identify the designated zone that has an issue. This type of fire alarm is most suitable for a smaller and low risk building.

Another type of fire alarm is an addressable fire alarm. Each device is fitted with its own electronic address so that when activated, the fire alarm panel tells you exactly where the problem is. This is a great system for higher risk premises such as schools or care homes where there is a large amount of area to cover. With this type of alarm is easier to identify what part of the building is at risk.

The last type of fire alarm is a wireless fire alarm. This alarm works similarly to an addressable fire alarm it just doesn’t use wires. It works by using a secure wireless link that connects the sensors to the fire alarm panel. This system works well for buildings that want to avoid lots of wires and cables.Fire Detection Systems


HW Fire and Security for fire alarm fitting

It can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what the criteria of standards are for fire alarm fitting, that’s why here at HW Fire and Security, we both install and maintain all of our fire detection systems. We offer a full maintenance service in accordance with the latest BS5839-1 2002 to all classifications.

All fire alarm systems need to be services in 6-month intervals to ensure everything is working how it should be. Our fully qualified and experienced engineers provide a bespoke service in fitting and servicing your alarms. To find out more, contact us today for a free non obligatory quote on 0121 517 0944 or fill in your details below and one of our engineers will be in touch to help you decide the best fire alarm system for you and your building.



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