Emergency lighting allows individuals to locate the nearest fire safety equipment and exit routes if there was to be an emergency. As well as this, it is used as a ‘back up source’ when all other lighting fails.

HW Fire and Security provide the installation of emergency lighting in premises in Halesowen and surrounding areas. We have installed many emergency lighting systems, all of which are expertly wired and fitted to ensure that in the even of an emergency, would lighting would provide the high level of illumination needed.

Locations for emergency lighting

In commercial buildings and offices (in any occupied building), there are compulsory locations where BS:5266 emergency lighting should be displayed to allow a safe exit if all other main power fails. These are as follows:

  • At every exit door.
  • At and up every staircase to illuminate each step.
  • At every final exit point.
  • Displayed at the fire alarm point.
  • If there is a change in direction.
  • If there is a change of floor level.
  • Displayed by first aid kits.
  • Around fire fighting equipment such as blankets and extinguishers.

Types of emergency lighting

There are several types of emergency lighting systems which we can install into your premise in Halesowen depending upon your requirements such as:

  • Escape lighting.
  • Standby lighting.
  • Escape route lighting.
  • Open area lighting which is also referred to as anti-panic lighting.
Fire Exit Door
Fire Exit Sign