Security is one of the most important things to consider when a business owner. As well as the security of the property or premises your business is located in, you should also consider the security of your staff, customers/ visitors and the information you store on site.

HW Fire and Security offer a wide range of security services for commercial projects. These include:

Security lighting

Installing security lighting in your business premise will help to protect the building and assets against burglars. In the event of any movement, the motion activated lights will turn on.

Access control

Access control systems allows selected personnel and vehicles to access your business premises or restrict certain areas. Our access control services include:

  • Keypad code entry
  • Proximity tag/ fob
  • ID card
  • Video intercom
  • Gates and barriers

CCTV installation

Our CCTV supply and installation service consists of a number of security cameras connected together in order to monitor either inside and/ or outside of the business premises.

You tell us the areas you would like to monitor, and we will install a CCTV system which suits your requirements.

Intruder alarms

We offer high quality wired or wireless intruder alarms – also known as burglar alarms. These systems are installed to emit an audible alarm if an intruder was to break into the premise. Not only does this draw attention to the building whilst the alarm is going off, it alerts those in the area of a crime, and it will make it unpleasant for the burglar to remain inside or onsite.

To enquire about any of our residential security services, fill out our online contact form below or call us on 07875584778.

CCTV Camera on Building
CCTV Footage in Dining Area