The advantages to installing a door entry system into your business premise are endless. Find out some of them in this article.

Helps to manage time and attendance

Due to door entry systems being electronic and monitored/ managed via a PC, managers can monitor the time of arrival of employees. This helps companies track attendance and punctuality of employees.

There is no need to worry when any keys are mis-placed/ lost

Many people panic when they have lost their keys, whether that’s because it allows someone to access their property or for other reasons, but when you lose a fob, you can wipe it from the system and therefore, the access to the building will be removed.

No lock picking

If the unfortunate situation were to occur, and burglars were to try and break into the premise, they would not be able to pick the locks to access any of the rooms with door entry systems fitted as there are no locks for them to pick.

Restricts certain areas and rooms

There is going to be areas in every business that not all employees or the public can access, whether this be a server room or a room where all the cash is stored. Door entry systems allow you to restrict access to the areas which you require to.

Integration with other security systems

Like many other systems available, door entry systems can be integrated with other security systems such as fire alarms and CCTV systems. I.e In the event of a fire alarm being activated all your access control doors will automatically unlock, leaving a safe exit route to the muster point.

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