Top 5 Benefits of Having A CCTV Security System

CCTV Footage of Back and Front Garden

If you find yourself wondering, is having CCTV worth it? You have stumbled into the right place. Here at HW Fire and Security, we offer the highest quality CCTV Security Systems for either your home or business. You might find yourself wondering, what are the actual benefits of having CCTV Systems? Well, here we can answer that question for you!

What are CCTV Systems?

Before you need to know any benefits, you should probably know exactly what a CCTV Security System is and how it works. CCTV is a video surveillance system that is tactically placed to record images over a certain area. People use CCTV for both maintaining the security of their home but also their business premises as well. Essentially CCTV Security Systems are a network of cameras and recording equipment that are directly linked together, known as a closed circuit. CCTV cameras can be both wired and wireless so can be tailored to your preference. The most important part of CCTV Systems is ensuring they are installed in the perfect position to enhance their effectiveness. If not placed correctly, this can hinder their performance due to there being a lack of view to capture.

CCTV Footage of Back and Front Garden

What are the benefits of having a CCTV System?

There are many benefits of having a CCTV System installed at your property but depending on what type of property you have; the benefits can vary. At HW Fire and Security we offer CCTV installation for both commercial properties and homes.

Crime Deterrent

Preventing potential criminals is a massive benefit of CCTV Security Systems. Often someone looking to break into a property is quickly put off if they see a CCTV camera, as they suddenly become aware that the chances of them getting caught are more likely than getting away with committing a crime such as a burglary. Studies have concluded that there was a 51% decrease in crime in car parks with CCTV Systems installed. Additionally, public transport had a 23% decrease in crime where there were CCTV cameras installed. This shows that having CCTV security systems in place reduces the risk of crime taking place. Additionally, having CCTV security systems in place can massively deter vandalism as nobody wants to be caught, therefore criminals are likely to move onto a new victim.


Peace of Mind

CCTV systems also offer great peace of mind to those who have them installed. If you are ever away from your home or building and simply wish to check up on things, you can quite easily do so in real-time to see how things are at that very moment in time. Not only this but by having a CCTV System in place, you can be assured that in the unfortunate case that a burglary did occur on your property, you would still have video evidence of the crime taking place hopefully making it easier to catch the offender.


Recorded Evidence

If a crime did take place near your CCTV security system, you have recorded evidence of the events. This can be useful for you and even neighbours who might be victims of a crime as CCTV cameras can record videos of their surroundings often on a large scale, depending on the type of CCTV security system that you have. Having the recorded evidence of a crime taking place or even of the aftermath (like someone’s get-away journey) can be extremely useful in helping get justice for yourself. This is because once passed onto the police, video evidence makes catching the perpetrator easier.

CCTV Camera on Front Door

Everywhere at All Times

A great factor to consider about CCTV security systems is that even when you are not around your property (home or business), you are still able to monitor who enters and leaves the building as well as spot potentially suspicious people lingering around your building. Having CCTV cameras in place gives you the option to have eyes all around the building so that constant monitoring can continue in your absence. Furthermore, if you have unexpected visitors, you can identify who is there before answering the door to an unpredictable situation. This can be useful for business buildings as it ensures nobody unauthorized is entering the building adding the safety of everyone else inside the building.

Cost Effective

Properties with CCTV security systems installed often receive a reduced insurance rate because they are deemed more secure than properties without. Insurance companies appreciate the deterrent for a crime that CCTV cameras create and so sometimes reduce the premiums on policies. So, the price to pay for the CCTV installation is often worth the future savings made. Another essential point to note, (for business purposes) is that you save money on hiring additional security staff which can cost thousands each year in training, salary, and insurance – by having a CCTV security system in place, you will not need quite so much manpower to keep your building safe and protected.

If you are interested in having a CCTV System installed at your property, see what we offer here at HW Fire and Security or contact us today for a free non obligatory quote!


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